Begonia maculata wightii price

Free shipping. Dark green foliage with silver spots and a burgundy under-leaf. New leaves wil grow copper before turning green. See our other items. If you have any difficulty combining postage or paying for multiple items at once, send us a message.

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Shall your plant arrive highly damaged, please get in touch straight away and we will provide a replacement at no cost. Once again, communication is Paramount for us and we tend to solve problems instead of creating bigger ones. Dark green foliage with silver spots and a burgundy underleaf.

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Get the item you ordered or get your money back.Originally the Begonia Maculata comes from Brazil. It is unique in the form of its leaves. This is a natural way instead of using chemical methods to slow down the process.

Begonia wightii Maculata Plants for Sale Online

After some time, you can cut the main leaf when the shoot is big enough. The add to cart button is disabled because the following component is not selected:. Give the plant a warm and light place, but not in full afternoon sun. Maja — July 26, I ordered I think 4 or 5 of these a few months ago, I gave them to my mother, grandmother, aunt and all plants look healthy and beautiful now.

Lina Maniusyte verified owner — November 8, Angela verified owner — November 9, Una pianta molto bella, simile alla foto. Stacey Henry — November 13, Has grown really fast over the last 3 months.

Very impressive and pretty plant.

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Mine had two plants in the pot, and one was bending slightly and was unstable, but I repotted it and stabilised it with extra soil at the top, which helped a lot. Francesca Sicora verified owner — December 1, Aleksandra Glebicka verified owner — January 21, Show reviews in all languages 8. You must be logged in to post a review. Remember me Log in.

Begonia Maculata Care (Polka Dot Begonia)

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begonia maculata wightii price

Maculata Begonia Rated 4. Ada Kokedama Pot. Bunny Pot. Elephant Pot. Kitty Pot. Nina Face Pot. Nora Face Pot. Penny Pot. Peter Pot.Begonia maculata 'Wightii' is part of the Begoniaceae family and is native to south eastern Brazil.

Leaves are lance-shaped and has slightly tooth-edged leaves, the upper-sides are green with white spots, while the underside is red. Find a spot with bright indirect light to place it and ensure that it has moderate to high humidity to live in. Higher humidity can be achieved by grouping plants together, misting, using a humidifier and placing the plant on a watered pebble tray.

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Feed with a balanced liquid houseplant fertiliser; water with fertiliser every 2 weeks during spring and summer. Dilute to half recommended dosage.

Water Begonia maculata regularly, but allow the top soil to dry out before each watering, the soil should be somewhat moist but not saturated. Overwatering can lead to soggy roots, which can then lead to root rot. Propagate Begonia maculata by taking a cutting from the plant and placing it in water. Leave in a sunny spot for a week, or until you see small roots sprouting from the bottom of the stem.

Once these roots have grown to 2 inches, the cutting can be removed from the water and planted in a pot with potting mix. Place the entire pot in a humidity dome or inside a plastic bag in a warm place, to give it the best opportunity to flourish. Begonia maculata is toxic to cats as well as other animals and humans.

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For this reason, this plant should be kept out of reach of any child or animal who may decide to take a bite. How do you water Begonia maculata? How do you propagate Begonia maculata? Is Begonia maculata toxic to cats? Begonia maculata 'Wightii'.

begonia maculata wightii price

Out of Stock.Begonia maculata is also called the polka dot begonia due to its silver-spotted leaves. The silvery spots on the dark, olive-green angel wing-shaped leaves create striking foliage. This eye-catching houseplant is relatively easy to care for indoors.

How to care for begonia maculata: Polka dot begonia Wightii needs well-draining soil, and the pot should be in bright, indirect light.

For best results, feed every two to four weeks and prune regularly. Easy propagation is by placing stem cuttings in water. The silver polka dots on the leaves could be mistaken for splashes of paint. Turning the leaves over reveals stunning crimson-red undersides.

Although begonias are famous for their spectacular foliage, the begonia maculata Wightii is at the top of the list of beautiful indoor plants. In this article, you will learn how to care properly for a begonia polka dot houseplant.

We will also share tips on how to resolve common problems that can affect the fabulous begonia maculata. Begonia maculata has spotted foliage, hence it is also called polka dot begonia. Begonia maculata is a type of cane begonia that has thick stems that support spotted angel wing-shaped leaves.

These evergreen perennial plants are native to the tropical rainforests in Brazil. Because of their native environment, high humidity, warm temperatures, and indirect or filtered light are the essential care factors. Polka dot begonias are vigorous growers, and can soon outgrow their pot. Transferring to a larger container encourages growth where the plant can reach 5 ft. Under the right conditions, the spotted dark green leaves will contrast with clusters of delicate white flowers when the plant blooms.

Even though begonia maculata is relatively easy to look after, it has some specific care requirements. The five basic care requirements are:. Angel wing begonias like bright light to thrive, but they need to be protected from direct sunlight.

The Spotted Begonia maculata

Although they tolerate some shade, bright filtered light is ideal.By: Author Brittany Goldwyn. I prefer my 3-year-old Rocket Dog sneakers, but to each their own. They are gorgeous shoes! The begonia maculata is commonly known as the polka dot begonia because of the unique silver polka dots on its leaves.

The leaves are an olive green with crimson red undersides. Once the plant reaches maturity in about four years, it blooms bell-shaped red and white flowers. Interestingly, its stems look just like bamboo, too.

They can grow up to almost 5 feet tall and 20 inches in width. But it takes more care than your average houseplant. Want my page guide all about 8 of the easiest houseplants to care for? No spam; unsubscribe anytime. For more details, review my privacy policy.

begonia maculata wightii price

Thanks for signing up for this freebie! The begonia maculata was first discovered in Brazil in It is one of the newest members of the genus begoniawhich has almost 2, different plant species. Begonia plants are all native to subtropical and tropical climates, and many of them, like the polka dot begoniaare now popular ornamental houseplants. It was first observed and described by Giuseppe Raddi, an Italian researcher.

He used the word maculaLatin for speckled or spotted, to describe its unique leaves.

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For more plants with cool foliage, check out the ric rac cactusthe pilea pepermoidesthe rhipsalis trailing cactusthe philodendron micansthe string of heartsthe and the elephant ear plant! The polka dot begonia requires bright, indirect light, similar to other plants native to the tropics. Maintaining the right balance of light will determine how vibrant its colors are.By: Author Marcel Iseli.

The Begonia Maculata does well in a potting mix with good drainage using a soil mix with sand and clay. In fact, it is rumored that Christian Louboutin created his trademark red-heeled shoe to mimic the undersides of the Begonia Maculata. On the upside, you will be rewarded with beautiful white to pale pink flowers late winter and throughout the spring season, and she will grow to a height of up to 1. Here is everything you need to know.

Begonia Maculata does very well in a mixture of sand, clay, and loamy soil inside a pot with good drainage. This plant is highly susceptible to root rot. As such, it is always best to add a layer of pebbles or broken pieces of terracotta pots to the bottom for better drainage.

You should repot the plant in a bigger pot about twice its previous size once the current pot becomes root-bound. Placing it in a bright, well-lit room away from direct sunlight is advisable to keep those silvery-white olive leaves vibrant. If the leaves start to appear scorched, you should move it to a less sunny part of the room.

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If you like to take your plant outside during summer, make sure to place it in the shade away from direct sunlight. Striking the right balance when it comes to watering the Begonia Maculata is quite a challenge. For starters, the soil should be a bit damp, but not overly wet.

This is because it is highly susceptible to root rot. Before watering, you should first test the soil for dampness by dipping a finger into the soil- the top portion should be dry to about an inch deep.

If you are unsure of whether to water it or not, it is actually better to err on the side of caution until the leaves start to show signs of wilting, an indication that there is little water left in the pot. When watering it, pour water directly onto the soil, ensuring the leaves remain dry. The Begonia Maculata is a tropical plant, and, therefore, cannot thrive in cold conditions. Its ideal temperature is between 67 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. This might be a tall order for anyone in temperate climates, such as Europe, but rest assured temperature-related damage does not happen until temperatures drop to less than 15 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Polka dot Begonia requires high levels of humidity, which is usually a big challenge for indoor plants. You may have to set it in the kitchen or bathroom because these places typically have high moisture levels.

Begonia maculata 'WIGHTII'

Alternatively, you can set it in your favorite room, but make sure to place a saucer of water near it to ensure it creates the required humidity as the water evaporates. Caution: Do not place the pot inside the saucer of water because this could make the roots overly wet. You should also ensure the leaves remain dry because the plant is susceptible to powdery mildew.

It is advisable to fertilize the Begonia Maculata every two weeks to encourage the growth of healthy leaves and more prominent blooms. For best results, use half the required dosage of water-soluble fertilizer according to package instructions. In this case, if the package says you should use one cup of water to dilute the solution, use two cups instead.

The Begonia Maculata is relatively easy to propagate through cuttings. Propagation is best done during the heart of winter when blooming is minimal. All you have to do is cut off a stem with no flowers just below the bud.This is by far our favorite begonia of all time because its super easy to grow!!

The large, dramatic silver spots and matching white flowers are some of its best features. Growzone: Begonia wightii Maculata goes by the nickname "Polka Dot Begonia. There are so many funky features to this plant that it requires a double-take! Silver polka dots are iridescent in the sunlight, and the long angel-wing shaped leaves are so exotic.

The undersides of the leaves are a vibrant red-burgundy color. Begonia maculata performs well in fluorescent light like office buildings or atriums or anywhere away from direct light. They can handle the bright, indirect light found in a northern or partially shaded eastern windowsill.

Western or southern exposure would work as long as the plant is away from the window or the window is well shaded. More bright, indirect light will produce more blooms whereas plants kept in lower light conditions will typically flower less often. Begonia maculata likes to stay slightly moist, not too wet or too dry.

Too many yellow leaves means the plant is staying wet too often, whereas brown tips on the leaves means it has been kept too dry. They recover well from drying out occasionally. Some owners wait until they see Alocasia Morocco wilt, making it clear when the plant absolutely needs water.

Wilting can also be caused by the plant staying too wet; check the soil condition before watering excessively. Any all purpose, foliage fertilizer will work for Begonia maculata. Indoor houseplant fertilizers fall into two groups: water soluble, liquid quick release, and granular, slow release fertilizers. Jack's Classic Indoor plant food works well as a powder, quick release fertilizer that is mixed with water to quickly provide nutrients to a plant that has been in a container for an extended time.

Any type of fertilizer offers nutrients that help plants with the transition to a new environment. Begonia maculata does best in soil that stays slightly moist.

Regular potting mix works well, try to keep the soil from drying out too much that it compacts, as it can be difficult to rehydrate. Alocasia Morocco also do well if grown exclusively in water without soil, and are frequently found on green walls living, planted walls. Begonia wightii Maculata Plants Begonia wightii maculata This is by far our favorite begonia of all time because its super easy to grow!!

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begonia maculata wightii price

This Plants Growzone: What is the best light for Begonia maculata? How do I water Begonia maculata? How do I fertilize Begonia maculata? What is the best soil for Begonia maculata? Out of stock.

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