Past simple past continuous past perfect objasnjenje

Lekcije o ostalim vremenima u engleskom jeziku pogledajte OVDE. Potvrdni oblik. Ja sam bio radio. Ti si bio radio. On je bio radio. Ona je bila radila.

Ono je bilo radilo. Mi smo bili radili. Vi ste bili radili. Oni su bili radili. Ja nisam bio radio. Ti nisi bio radio. On nije bio radio. Ona nije bila radila. Ono nije bilo radilo. Mi nismo bili radili. Vi niste bili radili. Oni nisu bili radili. Da li sam ja bio radio? Had you been working? Da li si ti bio radio? Had he been working? Da li je on bio radio? Had she been working? Da li je ona bila radila? Had it been working? Da li je ono bilo radilo?

Da li smo mi bili radili? Da li ste vi bili radili? Had they been working? Da li su oni bili radili? Jednina singular Had I been working? Jednina singular Where had I been working? Gde sam ja bio radio?

past simple past continuous past perfect objasnjenje

Where had you been working? Gde si ti bio radio? Where had he been working? Gde je on bio radio?I played the piano. She neededs some medicine. We helped him. Toni visiteds his grandmother.

They useed textbook. I bought it every day. He taught Serbian. We thought of you. She brought good news. They fought a lot. Ispravka: She needed some medicine. Tony visited his grandmother. They used this textbook. She needed some medicine. I played piano. I bought it yesterday. Bravo, Jelena! Jedino nedostaje jedno malo bedno "the". Pogodite gde? Oh, I see. The little misserable "the" is missing in the first sentence. Am I right?

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Marina December 09, ,Past Simple Tense. Primer: 1. I played football yesterday. He saw Jane last week. I play the piano. She needs some medicine. We help him. Tony visits his grandmother. They use this textbook. I buy it every day. He teaches Serbian. We think of you.

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Find out more. Toggle navigation. Resources home Text Checker. Resources Resources home Text Checker. English American English. Enter search text. Present perfect and past perfect. Reference Practice. Past perfect simple and past perfect continuous. They had always wanted to visit Australia, and finally they made it. We use the past perfect to show that something happened before something else in the past.

Past perfect simple We use the past perfect simple to talk about actions that were completed before another action or situation in the past. We use it to focus on the result of the action.

We usually use the past perfect simple and not the past perfect continuous when we are talking about states rather than actions, with verbs like behaveknow. Note that we usually use the past simple to refer to the more recent action. Past perfect continuous We use the past perfect continuous to talk about actions that continued for a period of time before another action or situation in the past. We use it to focus on the duration of the action. The action may or may not have continued up to the moment we are talking about it.

We often use already with the past perfect to emphasize that the action happened earlier. We also often use just to show that the action happened a very short time before.

Past Simpl objašnjenje na srpskom

Grammar contents View all Present perfect and past perfect. Present perfect continuous.It was Sunday afternoon.

Английский язык 8 класс: Сравнение Past Simple/Past Continuous/Past Perfect

I 1 had watched was watching watched a cookery program on TV when I 2 realised had realised was realising how hungry I was. My mother 6 gave was giving had given me a jar of delicious home-made biscuits. I 7 went was going had gone into the kitchen, 8 was opening had opened opened the fridge and 9 poured was pouring had poured some milk in a big glass.

And there were no biscuits in the biscuit jar: somebody 13 ate was eating had eaten them all! I was sure I 14 was putting had put put the jar there the previous day, and I 15 ate was eating had eaten only one cookie. It was very strange. A few minutes later, I 16 was drinking had drunk drank my glass of milk when I 17 heard had heard was hearing a loud noise coming from the dining room.

I 18 was going had gone went there quickly and I 19 had opened opened was opening the door. An enormous monkey 20 was eating had eaten ate the biscuits excitedly on the kitchen chair. We use the past simple to talk about completed actions in the past. We also use the past simple to talk about past habits or past states. We use the past continuous for actions in progress in the past or longer actions interrupted by shorter actions in past simple.

We use the past perfect simple to talk about an earlier past: events which happened before the main event. We use the past perfect simple with stative verbs to talk about states or situations that had started earlier in the past. In the picture below, you can see an example of a narrative with the past tenses explained.

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Exercises Explanation Exercises: 1 2 3. Exercise 1 Choose past simple, past continuous or past perfect to complete the sentences below.Lekcije o ostalim vremenima u engleskom jeziku pogledajte OVDE. Potvrdni oblik. Ja sam bio radio. Ti si bio radio. On je bio radio. Ona je bila radila. Ono je bilo radilo. Mi smo bili radili. Vi ste bili radili. Oni su bili radili. Ja sam bio spavao. Ti si bio spavao. On je bio spavao. Ona je bila spavala. Ono je bilo spavalo. Mi smo bili spavali.

Vi ste bili spavali. Oni su bili spavali.

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Upitni oblik. Da li sam ja bio radio? Had you worked? Da li si ti bio radio? Had he worked? Da li je on bio radio?

past simple past continuous past perfect objasnjenje

Had she worked?Iceland was spectacularly beautiful. We have also always wanted to see the Northern Lights, and I would not hesitate at all to contact Nordic Visitor in the future to arrange that trip for us. Just got back from a 7 day tour of southern Iceland organized by NordicVisitor. I was impressed that I went into this trip with no real knowledge of what I was getting myself, my wife and three teenage children into.

The trip went on without a single hitch. The car rental, hotel reservations and activities were all perfect and we had a blast.

Thank you and I would recommend this company to anyone. The only hitch was cost which was difficult to get a handle on. In particular, the activities were costly. BUT, well worth every penny. We joined the Nordic Visitor tour party on the 25rd July following two days in Reykjavik on our own.

Nordic Visitor arranged for a taxi (with welcome pack and documents) to pick us up from the airport on Thursday and on to our pre tour accommodation, we then made our way to the tour hotel on the Saturday evening. Our guide Porsteinn (Steine) met us at the welcome meeting and told us our agenda. Sunday morning the tour set off at 9am the starting time for everyday.

The tour went round the whole island (around 2000km covered) visiting all the major sites that can be reached from the N1 ring road. We were of the 'comfort' level of accommodation and all the hotels and guesthouses were of at least 3 star quality with large clean rooms and en-suite facilities.

Some had fabulous views as well. The guide constantly fed us information of the sites we visited in an informal but informative way with a few Icelandic folk stories and jokes thrown in.

The transport was a mini bus taking 16 of us comfortably from site to site with various comfort stops on the way. There is a little walking to be done for example up to Dettifoss that cannot be avoided but all the walks were really strolls and nothing over taxing.

The evening meals that were provided as part of the package were either in the accommodation or at local restaurants and were of a very high quality. There are optional extra's such as Whale Watching and the Thermal baths which although we pre booked could be booked on the tour. Transfer back to the airport was provided. In summary this was a very well organised tour both before leaving home and whilst there.

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The program is varied and interesting, capturing all the major attractions. Would highly recommend the tour to anyone wanting to see the main sites but not do all the legwork of a self drive. A friend and I (who live in Australia and UK respectively) were keen to do a self drive tour of Iceland as we could have autonomy and flexibility and avoid the tour bus hordes. We found Nordic Visitor through Google and I'm so glad we did. We chose the 10 day Full Circle tour - which comes with a rental car, pre booked accommodation, detailed road map, local mobile phone, GPS and many suggestions for destinations and activities.

We opted for a 4x4 vehicle (highly recommended as there is a fair amount of off-roading) and budget accommodation which was pretty much guesthouses. That's part of the deal anywhere really.

There is so much to say about the trip itself so feel free to send a message if you want more info. Nearly all the arrangements went without a hitch and what didn't go smoothly wasn't due to Nordic Visitor getting it wrong and indeed didn't ruin the trip at all (eg the guesthouse in Reykjavik wasn't aware of my travelling companion's very early arrival and were not prepared).

My only negative comment is some of the worthwhile sights might not be on their recommended itinerary so do a little research of your own. Also a bit more time (a day perhaps) in the north east of the country would have been ideal.

I dropped by their office in Reykjavik at the end of the tour (a little tricky to find as it is tucked away on the edge of town) and was pleasantly surprised by a request to do a brief video of our tour highlights for other travellers. I received a beautiful hardcover book of Icelandic photographs for my trouble.

Iceland is a Josie, Puerto Rico Iceland Grand Tour, July 2015 16 amazing days in Iceland Not only did Nordic Visitor delivered on everything that was needed, all the extra tours that were booked by them exceeded our expectations. Spent 16 days on a self-drive tour of Iceland including west fjords.R4 1400m Class: Class 1, Handicap 3:05PM Selections 4.

Past simple, past continuous, past perfect

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past simple past continuous past perfect objasnjenje

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